Node Sale

Node Tier Chart

Introducing Anomaly: the blockchain powered by node infrastructure. With our unique Node NFTs, users can purchase and contribute to the cloud node infrastructure that drives our validators. But that's not all – Node NFT holders are rewarded with a significant allocation of ecosystem tokens distributed daily.

Here's the deal: 27.5% of the token supply is reallocated back to Node NFT purchasers, with aggressive halvings at 3, 6, and 12 months. At the 12-month mark, nodes become tradable.

There's more. A portion of each sale contributes to our GPU Cloud network, designed to meet the demanding processing needs of AI model training and inference.

Ecosystem Growth and Node Holder Benefits

Anomaly's blockchain thrives with its Node NFT infrastructure, which is vital for boosting and evolving our blockchain's capabilities. Purchasing a Node NFT isn't just investing in validator infrastructure—it's a strategic leap for a generous share of ecosystem tokens. Daily rewards for Node NFT holders inject direct value into our community, making it rather desirable for crypto enthusiasts.

Strategic Ecosystem Expansion

Our ecosystem's growth hinges on groundbreaking gaming innovations. We're on a mission to rapidly develop and launch fresh games, each accompanied by new tokens. These tokens are strategically designed to circulate within our ecosystem, directly benefiting Node operators. The distinct mechanics of each game determine how Node allocations are distributed, ensuring all Node holders reap the rewards from every game release.

Investing in Node NFTs isn't just backing the Anomaly blockchain; it's positioning yourself at the epicenter of a thriving gaming universe. As our game portfolio expands, Node holders stand to gain increased token allocations, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between our infrastructure's expansion and tangible community rewards.