Meeting Web3 Gamers where they are

Meeting Web3 on their native platforms

The Future of Gaming - Harnessing the Power of Social Platforms

The gaming landscape is poised for a game-changing transition, driven by the emergence of mini-game apps on social platforms like Telegram and Discord. This evolution marks an untapped frontier for user acquisition and engagement, especially within the web3 sphere.

With Telegram Mini-Apps and Discord's recently enabled installable HTML5 apps, games are seamlessly integrated into users' daily social streams. These platforms, bustling with communities exploring web3 concepts, offer fertile ground for organic growth and engagement.

Advantages for User Acquisition

  • Frictionless Onboarding: Frictionless Onboarding: By leveraging social platforms, games eliminate the need for users to go through cumbersome app stores or download processes.
  • Instant Play: The ability to play instantly within a chat app or a community server encourages spontaneous engagement and shares among users.
  • Network Effects: Social platforms inherently promote virality, as users can quickly invite peers to join the game within their existing networks.

Core focus on Web3 Users

Since many users are already learning about web3 on platforms like Telegram and Discord, integrating games here means tapping into an audience that's ripe for embracing new technologies.

Additionally, gaming experiences can be crafted around the community, allowing immediate feedback and iteration based on user input. Furthermore, the decentralized nature of web3 aligns with the community-centric ethos of social platforms, fostering a sense of ownership and participation among users.

What It Means for Developers

  • Lower Barriers to Entry: The need for large marketing budgets diminishes when you can directly access and grow within communities.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Developers can quickly test and iterate on mini-games, receiving real-time feedback from a dedicated user base.
  • Streamlined Updates: Updates and new features can be rolled out swiftly, keeping the game fresh and engaging without the need for user intervention.

The Bottom Line

Incorporating mini-games into platforms such as Telegram and Discord isn't merely a novel avenue for distributing games; it's a transformative approach to user acquisition and community development in the gaming sector. By engaging users where they naturally gather and discuss the future of the web, developers can craft immersive experiences that foster organic and viral growth. This shift in paradigm brings the simplicity and immediacy of Web2 to Web3.