Anomaly Games: Pioneering the Future of Gaming

Welcome to Anomaly Games, the epicenter of gaming innovation. Here, we are not just making games but reshaping the gaming landscape. With cutting-edge Layer 3 blockchain tech and AI integration, our titles redefine play. Embedded in social platforms, we deliver unmatched gaming experiences right into the users’ hands.

Our Vision

We envision a world where gaming transcends traditional platforms and becomes a social-first experience. Our commitment to Layer 3 blockchain isn't just about leveraging the technology—it's about building a community and ecosystem where players don't just experience games; they live them.

The Anomaly Advantage

  • Revolutionizing Blockchain Gaming with Layer 3: Layer 3 elevates blockchain gaming with speed, security, and scalability while maintaining decentralization and empowering players.

  • AI-Powered Gaming: Our games feature cutting-edge AI at their core and not just as a feature, providing dynamic and responsive environments that evolve with every action taken by the players.

  • Community-Centric Gaming: We integrate our games with social platforms, fostering vibrant communities where friendships form, strategies are exchanged, and legends emerge.

Our Games

Each of our games is a gateway to a new world:

  • Dicestone: Outthink, outmaneuver, and master the dice in this fast-paced strategy game fully integrated with social platforms like Telegram.

  • Wildstone: Embrace the chaos in this AI-driven collectible card game where strategy breeds legacy.

These titles are just the beginning. Brace yourself for an ever-growing portfolio packed with games that defy conventions, spark collaboration, and celebrate creativity.

Join the Revolution

Are you ready to experience the next evolution in gaming? Dive into the worlds we've built for you, and let's shape the future of gaming together.

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