Sentience SDK: The Future of AI-Generated Games

Welcome to Sentience SDK, the quintessential toolkit crafted to empower game developers to create card games infused with Artificial Intelligence. Sentience SDK is designed to seamlessly generate AI-driven card assets, enabling a more dynamic and personalized gaming experience in titles like Wildstone.

Our Solution

Sentience SDK tackles a unique aspect of card game development—the creation of AI-generated cards that evolve with the player. With our cutting-edge AI technology, developers can give each card a life of its own, allowing cards to adapt and grow in abilities and characteristics that reflect the player's strategies and progress.


AI-Generated Cards

  • AI-Personalized Cards: Each card is imbued with AI, enabling it to learn and evolve, mirroring a player’s journey and growth within the game.
  • Unique Gaming Experience: Every card becomes a unique entity, ensuring that no two players will have the same experience.

Player-Agent Deck playing

  • Strategic Development: The AI observes and learns from the player's tactics, bestowing new abilities and enhancements onto the cards.

Sentience Solidity APIs for Smart Contracts

Our APIs are built on the foundation of real-world card games, integrated with AI capabilities to support the core functionalities every game needs. Here's how we streamline the process for game developers:

  • Precompiled Smart Contracts: Ready-to-use contracts that can be incorporated into your EVM-compatible games, allowing you to leverage our advanced AI with minimal effort.
  • Focus on Game Development: With Sentience SDK, the complexities of AI integration are handled for you, freeing you to craft engaging and innovative gameplay.

Dive into Sentience SDK with a Sample

API Overview

API NameDescription
generateAICard({PROMPT INFO SUCH AS CARD ABILITIES})Create a unique for card generation
evolveCard({CARD ATTRIBUTES})Evolve a card's attributes based on gameplay data
personalizeDeck()Customize a deck to match a player's strategic profile

Solidity Interface

Contract NameContract Address

The TypeScript/JavaScript API for Game Client

Sentience SDK also provides a robust set of client-side APIs that bring the power of AI to your game's frontend.

| API Name