Gamee -


Animoca Brands' latest innovation, Gamee is the largest Telegram gaming platform. Gamee & Anomaly are proud to be partners, connecting Telegram gamers and web3. Anomaly seeks to take on-chain games more approachable easier to onboard through our partnership.

Zed Run: Galloping into the AI Frontier

Zed Run We are thrilled to dive into the electrifying universe of Zed Run, the sensational digital horse racing craze taking over web3. Brace yourselves as we revolutionize the gaming landscape, using AI to push the boundaries of virtual racing to unmatched levels!

Atari Club

With Atari games, we are blending their legendary gaming heritage with our cutting-edge AI to forge new gaming experiences that resonate with both retro enthusiasts and the frontier explorers of the web3 world.


Anomura was born in the deep, dark depths of Long Do's mind and began from a love of strategic video games and marine wildlife. Anomura's vision is ambitious - we want to transform the video game and web3 industries through in-game social impact initiatives.

Innovating with AI

Building on our partners' groundbreaking work in digital ownership and gaming, we're now integrating AI into this ecosystem to elevate the experience further. Get ready for an immersive and interactive environment that pushes the boundaries of what's possible.