Wildstone: Embrace the Chaos

Wildstone is more than just a card game. Here, you create a personalized AI Agent, a Golem, mirroring your playstyle, strategy, and commitment. With Wildstone's innovative progression system, you can:

Wildstone Playscreen.png

Wildstone: Golems - Your AI Legacy

In Wildstone, you don't just play a card game; you forge an AI Agent known as a Golem, a true reflection of your playstyle, strategy, and dedication. Wildstone's unique approach to progression allows you to:

  • Craft a Legacy: Your Golem is more than an AI—it's a legacy of your strategy and skill.
  • Invest Emotionally and Strategically: Every move and tactic is captured and embodied by your Golem.
  • Transcend High Scores: Leave behind an AI avatar that resonates with your unique approach to the game.
  • Focus on Fun: With Golem Mode, the grind takes a backseat to strategy and enjoyment.

AI-Generated Cards

At the core of Wildstone's gameplay is our innovative AI-generated card system, where:


  • Cards Evolve with You: Experience cards that grow in abilities and characteristics, reflecting your strategic journey.
  • Language Learning Models at Work: Advanced LLMs ensure your cards develop in complexity, mirroring your evolving game tactics.

The Next Evolution in Card Games

Wildstone represents the future of auto battlers and card games, building on the legacy of giants like:

  • Dota Underlords
  • Hearthstone Battlegrounds
  • Auto Chess
  • MTG's Manastorm

The genre's potential was first glimpsed with "Dota Auto Chess," and it has only grown since, with Hearthstone Battlegrounds pulling in over 100 million players by the end of 2019.

The Game Changer

AWith the digital card game market booming over $1.5 billion, Hearthstone has dominated the scene. But now, Wildstone has emerged to revolutionize the genre. Since Hearthstone's Battlegrounds mode debuted in November 2019, its popularity and Twitch viewership have surged.

However, Wildstone isn't just a game; it's a revolution where your strategies become your legacy. Join us in embracing the chaos and evolution of card games with Wildstone.